Thursday, 11 October 2012


In this clip from The Birds it has been edited so to a viewer it continuously flows in real time. This has been well done in the sequence of shots because they have obeyed the 180 degree rule so in each shot they would film from angles within 180 degrees. This is done so it is simple for the viewer to understand what is going on.

Before entering the house it seems very safe and calm this is because they are using shots spread well apart and is a long shot being used so the viewer can see everything going on in the shot.
Once in the kitchen the viewer is starting to get the feeling that something has happened because they highlight the fact that all of the mugs have been smashed.
Then in the corridor it increases the tension because of it being very dark and gloomy. Also the fact that the corridor looks like it is getting smaller makes it feel like she is getting sucked into it.
Then in the bedroom the speed of the camera shots increases rapidly and this is to intensify the fear in the audience and to keep them on the edge of their seats.

When she is walking through the kitchen it shows how to use the 180 degree rule to great effect and how it helps guide the viewers through the shot. Also the shot when she is walking down the corridor and it seems as if the corridor is getting smaller it shows a great way of implying that it is all closing in on here and subtly telling the viewers that she is getting closer.

Monday, 8 October 2012

First edited clip

This is my first media project done. We did the filming in half a lesson and then the editing together and the adding of the music in another. I decided to change the order of the shots when editing because I thought it would flow better this way. However a bad factor of this project would be that the tripod stand can be seen in the background of a few of the shots.

Title sequence

This is my video talking about the opening sequence of a move in this case Hustle. However I forgot to talk about what comes after the main actor. After the leading actor there are the other actors followed by casting, music, editing, production, designer, photography, executive producer,writer and then finally the director.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


 My storyboard of twelve consecutive shots in the movie National Treasure. It also says about what is happening in every shot and the technique used and the effect of the technique in every shot.

John Berger

 This extract displays how the media shows that men are the more dominant gender. It shows how the media says that the females are at the will of the males. It also sort of shows that men should go to work and that females should be taking care of the house and the males when they are there. The knock on effects of this is how it would effect the behaviour of males and females.

 Again it shows how males are above females. It almost implies that the women are like loose cannons and are unlikely to make the right decisions, also men are the one's who set that 'perfect' example. This getting shown in the media undermines the women  and there ability to do things. 
For media to be representing genders this way would lead to the influence of younger generations as they would be seeing these signs of how they should be acting. With these representations in the media it could easily lead to a more patriarchy society. With males being portrayed as being dominant over females in the media then it could lead to many males and females to believe that males are the forefront of the society.
Key Words

Semiotics; The study of signs.
Patriarchy: Males are the dominate figures of the society.
Voyeuristic: Spying on something you are not supposed to be looking at.
Pernicious: Having a harmful effect in a subtle way.
Misogyny: Men who dislike women.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Clip of me talking about ted

This is a clip of myself talking about the 2012 movie Ted. The clip is myself talking about things such as the production budget, director and cast.

This task help me develop my researching skills and also helped me work out what I should be looking for when conducting research.